image-toucanTHE PUB

Established in 1992 by the members of the famous Racing Club de France rugby crew named “Show Biz”, Franck Mesnel, Eric Blanc, Jean-Baptiste Lafond and Denis Charvet. Eden Park Pub is now ‘the’ bar where thirsty supporters go to celebrate with post-game drinks.



Located at the foot of the Mount Eden Volcano in Auckland, New Zealand, the Eden Park Stadium is to rugby what the Maracana is to Brazil: ‘The Temple’!



image-monoWHY THE BOW?

In April 1987, during the Championship of France quarterfinal in Brive, the rugby players walked onto the pitch wearing bow ties and this created a memorable event!


image-tache-roseWHY THE PINK?

A few months later, while searching for the accessory to best represent the spirit of the team, the players decided to go with a pink bow tie. This was to create an image both classy and casual.
Thus, the brand was born!